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Recruitment and Selection of participants

- Organized at the local level on the basis of a common application form

- Each partner will select 8-10 participants (aged 15-29 yrs)

- The ultimate goal of the participants’ selection process is the formation of local working groups that will remain as stable as possible throughout the project

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Implementation of Local Trainings

- Before the local groups start working on the WP3 and WP4 deliverables, a series of three full-day local trainings will take place to introduce the participants to the subjects of the project

- The trainings will focus on the following topics:

      1. 1. The 11 European Youth Goals
      2. 2. Digital storytelling (oral history interviews, working with group stories and digital methods)
      3. 3. Principles of Media Literacy and responsible media production
Supporting interviews’ process with local youngsters

- Each local group will be tasked to gather testimonials from peers of their local community about personal experiences in the fields addressed by the 11 European Youth Goals (EYG), as well as recommendations for improvement

- Each local group will have to conduct 3 interviews for each of the 11 EYG (i.e 33 interviews per country; 264 interviews in total)

- These interviews will then be processed and embedded into the main deliverable of this activity: the European Youth Diary

Local Workshops for script development

- The partners will implement local workshops aiming at the development of the countries’ scripts for the European Youth Goals’ Video Series

- Each local group will be asked to select 1 topic of interest (corresponding to one of the 11 EYG)

- The specific task will be to wave together some of the interviews gathered in the previous phase, and develop the scenario of a fictional, but based on “real stories”, plot.

International Youth Mobility in Athens, Greece

- a 7-day international event will be organised in Athens

- Starting from the work done at local level, the countries’ scripts will be refined

- Participants to create together, in transnational teams this time, the scripts for 2 of the 3 EYG not covered by the local workshops

- A film-production Agency (Tanino Films) will be present in the international mobility to shoot, edit and create the first 2 videos of the series

Videos realization, post-production & finalization

- Each partner will create their part of the movie series, with the support of Tanino films

- The staff of the production agency will travel to the partners premises and work 3 days together with the local youth groups in order to film their story. The same will be done in each of the 8 participating countries.

Values, Ideas and Stories from Youth ON stage

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