Shootings of Goal #1

Connecting EU with Youth

VISYON’s local short movie shooting took place between April 22 and April 24 in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. It was a lovely experience that enabled the Bulgarian group of young VISYONers to dive deep into the specifics of moviemaking, acting, and planning. They had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented crew of Tanino Films – a professional Italian production company.

The short movie of the Bulgarian Team (Valentin, Mila, Drago, Yanitsa, Elina, Mirela, Mariya, and Svilena) focuses on the first European Youth Goal – Connecting EU with Youth. This goal aims to strengthen the relationship between the EU and young people, ensuring that youth voices are heard and valued in shaping the future of Europe. The film tells the inspiring story of a young boy named Ivan who discovers the wealth of youth opportunities offered by the EU.

Ivan’s journey begins with his participation in the Discover EU initiative, a program that allows young Europeans to explore the continent. Through this initiative, Ivan not only discovers new places and cultures but also develops his competencies as an active citizen. Inspired by his experiences, Ivan returns home determined to make a difference. Despite initial skepticism from his family and friends, Ivan’s passion and dedication lead him to write his own project proposal aimed at inspiring and empowering other young people in his community. His persistence pays off, and his dream eventually becomes a reality, showcasing the transformative power of EU youth initiatives.

A total of four locations were visited during the shoot, each chosen to enhance the narrative and authenticity of Ivan’s journey. Some of the scenes took place in a train depot and at the railway station of Sofia, symbolizing the start of Ivan’s adventure across Europe. Other scenes were filmed in a traditional socialist apartment, providing a backdrop that reflects Ivan’s everyday life and the challenges he faces.

The participants and the team of FECE were more than delighted to share this experience with Tanino Films, who showed incredible professionalism and a personalized approach to working with the actors. The collaboration not only resulted in a compelling short film but also offered invaluable learning experiences for the young filmmakers. Through their involvement in this project, the Bulgarian VISYONers gained practical skills in filmmaking and a deeper understanding of the importance of youth engagement in the EU.

The production of this short movie is a testament to the impact of EU Youth Goal 1, highlighting the importance of connecting EU with youth and encouraging active participation in shaping a better future. The story of Ivan serves as an inspiration to young people across Europe, reminding them of the opportunities available and the potential they have to make a difference.

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