Information and Constructive Dialogue

VISYON’s local short movie shooting about Goal 4 took place in the vibrant city of Rome, Italy. This exciting project provided the Italian team with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the intricate world of moviemaking. They collaborated closely with the talented crew of Tanino Films, a professional Italian production company known for its high standards and creative approach.

The short film created by the Italian team centers around the fourth European Youth Goal – Information and Constructive Dialogue. This goal emphasizes the importance of ensuring that young people have access to reliable information and are able to engage in meaningful dialogue, crucial for fostering informed and active citizens.

The story follows Davide, a young boy tasked with completing research for a school project. Overwhelmed by the abundance of information and the prevalence of fake news, Davide finds himself in need of clarification and guidance. In his quest for reliable sources, he decides to attend a meeting where he, along with other young people, learns how to discern and trust solid data and information. Through this experience, Davide gains a clearer understanding of how to navigate the complex information landscape, a skill essential for his academic success and personal growth.

The short film was shot in various locations in Rome, utilizing the facilities of the TrustEver hostel and its surrounding areas for the outdoor scenes. These settings provided an authentic backdrop for Davide’s journey, enhancing the film’s relatability and impact. The participants played an active role in the production process, from selecting their costumes and accessories to collaborating in all phases of the shoot. This hands-on involvement not only enriched their understanding of filmmaking but also fostered a deeper connection to the film’s theme.

Witnessing the transformation of their written script into a tangible video was a remarkable experience for the Italian team. Working with Tanino Films allowed them to see their ideas come to life with professional precision and creativity. The collaborative environment and expert guidance from Tanino Films ensured that every scene captured the essence of EU Youth Goal 4, highlighting the significance of information literacy and constructive dialogue.

The Italian team’s short film serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of equipping young people with the tools they need to critically evaluate information and engage in informed discussions. By showcasing Davide’s journey, the film encourages viewers to seek out reliable information and participate in dialogues that contribute to a more informed and cohesive society.

Through their participation in this project, the Italian VISYONers gained invaluable skills in both filmmaking and critical thinking. The project not only brought their creative vision to life but also emphasized the vital role of information and dialogue in empowering youth. The story of Davide stands as an inspiration for young people across Europe, underscoring the value of informed citizenship and the positive impact of EU youth initiatives.

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