Interview Collection Process

VISYON project started with the local training on the 11 European Youth Goals, digital storytelling, and the principles of media literacy. Thanks to these workshops, local groups of VISYON’ers obtained the necessary tools for a good understanding of 11 European Youth Goals, their targets and objectives, and equipped with the essential skills and competencies for the 21st century. To prepare youngsters for the upcoming initiatives – the creation of the European Youth Diary- partners organized workshops on how to effectively conduct the interviews. This step was important for the local groups to understand the interview methodologies, and interview types and to foster their soft skills to successfully complete the challenging task – to collect 267 interviews from young Europeans!

During the summer, the local youth groups around Europe were engaged in gathering testimonials from peers within their local community. These testimonials served as a valuable resource, sharing their personal experiences related to the diverse fields covered by the EYG, and providing insightful recommendations for their improvement. These interviews were conducted to assess the effectiveness of European policies in achieving the 11 Youth Goals and to propose a roadmap for their improvements. The interview database will serve as a base for one of the main project results – European Youth Diary!

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Values, Ideas and Stories from Youth ON stage

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