🌟 Unleashing Youth Power! 

📣 Our immersive 3-day local workshops (6th-8th June) were an extraordinary experience, bringing together a dedicated group of active students to embark on the transformative VISYON project! 🔥

💪 Through fun team-building exercises, we got to know each other and established a united team. These workshops served as a powerful platform to introduce the innovative VISYON project, delve into the profound European Youth Goals, and explore essential topics such as media literacy, youth engagement, and participation.

📚 One of the key highlights was the utilization of Digital Storytelling, a remarkable method that nurtured creativity and empowered our young participants to express their unique perspectives. By harnessing this powerful tool, we witnessed firsthand the incredible benefits it offers—inspiring self-expression, fostering critical thinking, and amplifying their voices to drive positive change. 

✨ The workshops were a phenomenal success, fueling our excitement for the upcoming stages of the VISYON project! We eagerly anticipate the next steps as we continue to build momentum, break barriers, and shape a future where youth empowerment reigns supreme.

🙌 Join us on this remarkable journey, and together, let’s redefine what is possible for the next generation! 🌍

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